entrepreneurship,business,home work,abby viral,sonu mathur sonumathur

Hi, all of you, I’m Sonu Mathur from New Delhi and my hometown in “Uttar Pradesh”.I’m the owner of this website and the name is vipmathur.com. Right now I’m pursuing graduation from (PGDAV COLLEGE EVENING) Delhi University. I’m a blogger and I write reviews of the same products. as well as do affiliate marketing with Amazon and other e-commerce websites, and I sell products on my website.

I like to know and read about Bollywood news, cricket news, also upcoming mobile phone in the market. entrepreneurship,business,home work,abby viral,sonu mathur sonumathur

i love to watch movies especially motivational and someone’s biography movies. My favorite movie is M.S. DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY because it’s a motivational movie we can inspire from this movie for our goal.

I am thinking of make one more website for School & College students on that website I will post previous year’s questions paper and model question paper. It can help students

I am working on a wonderful concept, it is a good platform that inspired me to become the owner of this website. This was an opportunity for me. I took advantage of it and I made my website vipmathur.com it’s a good platform to earn.

entrepreneurship,business,home work,abby viral,sonu mathur sonumathur
with Abby Viral motivational singer

If you want to know where and how I got this opportunity, then you can contact me on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail or Twitter. And you can ask me about that opportunity.

doing business is not easy, but it is not difficult too.

you can do it